37 Deep Truth by Gregg Braden. FEATURES. 12 Down To Earth Astrology by Tim Gunns. 16 The Top 5 Herbs for Anti-Aging Benefits. A Deep Truth From Gregg | April 15, Will the convergence of tipping points make our time of extremes one of destruction or transformation? The choice is. Second, the dream is to develop a drug accessible to rich and poor Ayurveda texts including PowerPoint Presentation Gregg Braden.

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Deep Truth reveals new discoveries that change the way we think Best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the. The Crisis:Best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures, and nations-seemingly. One of the best-selling authors and visionary scientist Gregg Braden has the suggestion that the hottest topics that divide us as as humans-seemingly disparate.

We must assume behind this force a conscious, intelligent Matrix.

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This was performed in at the university of Geneva, they split a photon into two identical particles the same property and use a specialized device to fire both photon in opposing direction about 7 miles making both particles 14miles apart, despite the fact that both are no more physically connected, both exhibit the same effect simultaneously even when both photon particles are miles distant apart The holographic characteristics The holographic principle is the way nature creates changes in a large, simplest and the 7 Page fastest way every fragment of the pattern is the reflection of the entire pattern, no matter how small or distant it is he uses the bookmark example to illustrate.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists.

The human body is structured information divided in two different body fields and when operating in harmony will then be called an energetic field or the morphogenic field. Since all human begins life as a single cell and develop into various organs and then the body, there is a hierarchic of fields organizing our body starting with the field of cells, the field of tissues, the field of organs which are all the subsidiary fields, some of these fields relate to muscle and connective tissues, others relate to the brain and the heart and to the DNA field called the morphic field responsible for the genetics information of the whole body.

This energetic field provides the information necessary to control the body, and without a central control system the body homeostasis will not exist therefore lead to total anarchy.

The body field or the morphogenic system here is the control center and made up of a structured stationary skilled wave correspondingly organized and contain a great deal of information supporting trillion of cells that make our body.

Therefore, the heart generates by far the largest rhythmic electromagnetic signal in the body with a different pattern, depending on our emotional state if the biting pattern is incoherent this is due to our anger, stress, anxiety state of mind, and coherent means care, love, compassionate, gratitude and appreciation Research has also shown that the heart has its own intrinsic nervous system which can sense ,feel, remember and process information independently from the brain, the heart usually received information first before relating it to the brain.

Other studies show that the heart responds faster than the brain from outside stimulation The system is designed to have flowing information in the body fluid, and we are on the threshold of the entire new understanding how diseases happen, how information is transferred and how to enhance information transfer within a living system and we hope that this will help in the treatment of most chronic disease that has no cure till date.

For future medicine to improve beyond the focus on the gene as the primary cause of genetic disease rather than looking for the information distortion of the system to cure many diseases cancers, tumors and chronic diseases, etc, 9 Page Experiment 1 DNA experiment.

The conventional said that we have no effect in the world, but the new science proves through the DNA phantom effect experiment in by the Russians scientists and quantumbioligist Vladimir Poponin who took a tube and empty and vacuum it then put the photon randomly in the tube, then added some human DNA to the tube to see how the photon behave in the presence of DNA. He observed an organized alignment of the photon, and then he removes the DNA from the tube and observed an unchanged behavior.

Donors were then subjected to emotional stimulation using video clips able to trigger different emotional state in donors. The DNA was then placed in the same building but different rooms, the results was astonishing as both donor and his DNA was monitored while the donor was exhibiting emotional peaks and valley.

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When the electrical response was measured, DNA exhibited an exact twin response at exactly the same time. Click here. Hurry - Ends April 16 Shop Now.

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You dont need to know all of those details before you act.

Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate

I have no problem with him challenging Darwin and his views. According to the author, Divine Matrix works with evidence that suggests power within our subconscious is the single field of energy human beings requires to incubate reality.

Gregg Braden, who is arguably the brightest author bridging science and spirituality, offers this look at our current world crises and how we can fix them. However, Gregg Braden says m Science and the Spiritual influence on our lives and its historical context are linked in this book.

Consciousness has a significant role in the universe helping us discover new adventures especially when electrons surprises in quantum.

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